Unity through Unity

About Price University

It our pleasure to introduce you to Price University; a postsecondary school of specialized education that specializes in Masters and Doctoral academic programs for the kingdom of God. Our motto sums up our mission, which is mainstreaming Christ’s kingdom worldwide by equipping His ministers and messengers: His ambassadors, consuls, and envoys to populate it with souls and nations. Our standing purpose is to educate apostolic and prophetic leaders for twenty-first century ministry within and outside of the church competently.

What Sets Us Apart

Price University is unique because its vision expands the traditional Christian ministry education to include quality instruction of apostles, prophets, kingdom professionals, ecclesial and entrepreneurs. Consequently, we make Christian ministry studies practical, effective, and powerful to profit our students beyond the classroom in their everyday world. Our four-point vision is credible apostolic (and prophetic) education, manifestation of the Lord’s eternal kingdom in the now, the ecclesia’s dominance in human affairs, and all nations in Christ and under God.   

What sets us apart from other Christian Institutions is our goal of apostolically and prophetically discipling and dispatching highly educated Christian leaders and laborers to meet God’s global needs now and in the future. To facilitate this objective, a concentrated program of study targets first apostles and prophets and second their converts and disciples to prepare them for the King’s service. Our complement of subject matter enables them to receive academic and ministerial credibility on par with the pastor, evangelist, and teacher, especially the credentials. Such aims can only successfully happen when their academic programs are on the postsecondary level. 

Our Chief Goal

For many years, we in the Body of Christ have witnessed God calling His end-time worshipers, warriors, and workers into His service. Chief among the three are the warriors who enable the worshipers and workers to devote themselves to God’s ministries boldly and capably. Time and experience show that Price University’s solid pneuma-academia provides the best preparation for that call. It is where His ambassadors, generals, leaders, ministers, and entrepreneurs can all be expertly equipped to fulfill it. Launching their ministries soundly educated and skillfully trained, they are thus ready to be dispatched to bring the Lord’s modern day excellence to every sphere of life and to treat all aspects of the human experience on Christ’s behalf. No other mandate is implemented to meet so pressing a need in this day and age as this one. Its farsighted components produce competent apostles, prophets, and kingdom ministers that are accomplished in prosperously making the kingdoms of this world the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ. Price U delivers to this generation highly skilled and sharply astute ministers, particularly apostles and prophets who will shatter the darkness and radiate, shine as stars, as God’s success escalates. Price University’s long experience and enduring subject matter is poised to meet the demand. 

With You In Mind

Our prayer for you is that you journey with us to embody the university’s vision for God’s kingdom leaders today. We look forward to having you come aboard with our mission and welcome your partnership with us in this endeavor as a student, instructor, or collaborator. All of us at Price U are enthusiastic at the prospect of connecting your future with our mission.Since we have much to offer you at our school, I invite you to explore our catalog to see the rich programs we designed with you in mind.

Dr. Paula A. Price, PhD

New Era Apostleship Restitution, N.E.A.R.

Founder of Price University

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