Price University Admissions

Thank you for considering Price Embassy University for your ministry credentialing needs.  Our admissions process is simple and can be completed online for your convenience. Review this section to learn more about our credentialing candidacy process.  For questions, contact our admissions office toll free at 877-419-1299.

Basic Requirements
  • Standard Application

  • Standardized Ministry Assessment Questionnaire

  • Biblical Literacy and Comprehension Assessment

  • Professional and Ministerial Resume

  • 3 References (1 Professional, 2 Ministerial)

  • Online Interview

  • Life Portfolio submission

Quick Student Compatibility Checklist
  • Must have completed high school.

  • Successfully complete the Standardized Ministry Assessment Questionnaire.

  • Must demonstrate compatibility with the program of choice.

  • Must present ministerial and / or professional resume of active ministry and business

  • Must be able to attend and comply with all required sessions, and be able to participate in all programmed class activities, includes modular studies and internet sessions.

  • Able to comprehend, complete, and submit in a timely manner all assigned course work, including homework as instructed.

  • Have ability to research materials and produce formal and informal papers that document and analyze related subject matter and/or apply researched subject matter to course lectures and other requirements.

  • Must be able to take tests, complete assignments, and projects according to specified deadlines.

  • Must be able to communicate effectively in writing and have satisfactory verbal skills.

  • Must have strong literary ability for program research and study requirements.

  • Must be able to type and have working knowledge of Microsoft Office software programs and the ability to work with internet based software programs.

  • Must have a strong knowledge of God’s Word and the ability to rightly divide (apply) in assigned course work.

  • Must have a strong and verifiable Christian testimony and reputation among associates and peers.

  • Must have the financial ability to complete education and a verifiable history of financial responsibility, and the ability to adhere or conform to University protocols, policies and procedures, and student regulations.

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