Degree Programs

Our programs are wholly devoted to the apostle’s stance, view, and approach to Christians serving the Lord, though its disciplines are not confined to this minister. Its content and accent are in complete harmony with this mantle’s duty to accredit and authorize all the others, according to the language of Acts chapter one and the Lord’s instatement of the office prior to both the coming of the Holy Spirit into the planet and the birth of the New Creation church as a result. Clearly, the New Testament teaches that the apostle models, empowers, and indoctrinates the Lord’s church and equips and instates the remaining officials of Ephesians 4:11 to replicate and replenish it under their auspices. 

Graduate Studies 
  • Apostolic Bible Studies

  • Prophetic Bible Studies

Apostolic Bible
Apostolic Bible aims to instill in apostles the very works and wisdom they need to accurately speak, legislate and administrate for the Lord, rightly divide His words from their own thoughts and those of others claiming to be apostolic.
Prophetic Bible
Prophetic Bible introduces into traditional ministry education, the subject of Prophets and the Bible. This program seeks to provide a credible and relevant academic program for prophets that adds schloraship as well as technique to the prophets wisdom and readiness training.

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