Master of Arts in Global Leadership

The Master of Arts in Global Leadership program is an advanced study of worldwide leadership rooted in Matthew 28:18-20; Ephesians 2:20, 1 Corinthians 12:28,29, Acts 26:18 and several other apostle dominant scriptures. Its foundation is restoration of divine order through the authoring mantles of God’s word. Students will learn eternal and ecclesial apostleship as designed and ordained by God. That is before and since the church was brought to earth by God’s spirit. Core fundamentals weave its elements, features and functions throughout God’s leadership spectrum to portray the difference apostleship makes in the world, its institutions, nations and citizens. Subject matter spans the leadership are from God’s perspectives relative to His duties, responsibilities, obligations, governance and sovereignty over the kingdoms of this world. A highly interactive course, that paints a comprehensive picture of apostleship and its architecture to install within those called to this office, its principle effect is how it instills scripture’s brand of apostleship as modeled by Jesus and His apostles.

Core Classes:

GL501  ABCs of Apostleship

GL 503 Eternitys Generals

GL 505 Dissemnating Doctrine

GL506 Systematic Theology

GL508 Seals and Signs

GL509 Apostleship Reinstatement

GL510 Apostleship Commissioning

GL601  Team Building

GL602 Apostles and Prophets

GL603 Apostolic Theology

2-Year 52 Credit Hour Program

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