Master of Arts

Global Divine Communications 

Our Master of Divine Communications is This program is designed to educate the student in the ministry and work of the prophet as God’s prototypical divine communicant. Students will learn the archetypical and prototypical disciplines, the scope of God’s divine communications the scope of practices integral to the Prophet’s office. 

  • 2 Years (Four Semesters)

  • 52-Credit Hour Program

Core Classes:

(See Degree Plan for Full Class/Course Outline)

DC 501  Manifest Prophetics

DC 502  Prophetic Construct

DC506 Prophetic Spectrum

DC 508 Prophetic Mantleship 

DC 509 Official Prophetics

DC601 Prophets & Apostles

DC 603 Prophetic Law & Governance

DC 604 Organizational Prophets

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