The Ministers Credentialing Program (MCP)

Our Minister's Credentialing Program allows potential or active five-fold ministers the opportunity to receive Christian ministry and office-specific training, education, and practicum. Students receive a 12-course or more overview and are brought into courses that then train and empower them specifically for the office or position they will occupy. Qualifying students can apply for ministry ordination or licensing, following the successful completion of their foundational requirements. 

Program Qualifications

We recommend anyone with a readiness percentage of 50% or higher and no more than 18 months foundational studies required, to apply as a candidate for our credentialing program. 


We offer credentialing opportunities for: 


  • Apostles: Mantleship, and Office Training, Commissioning

  • Prophets: Mantleship and Office Training, Ordination

  • Teachers: Certification, Ordination

  • Pastors: Certification, Licensing, Ordination

  • Intercessors: Certification, Ordination

Program Overview
  • Minimum 12-Foundational Studies Courses, Practical Ministry Certificate Program ($275 per course*). 

  • Independent Study Program (Select Five-Fold Fields)

  • Licensing Training (For Applicable Five-Fold Fields)

  • Certification Program

  • Ordination Track

  • Ministry Praxis

  • Ministry Portfolio

*Tuition Rates are subject to changes.  For updated Tuition fees and charges contact the University Finance Office at 877-419-1299.

The "Why" and "What" You Need to Know About Credentialing 

What is a credential? A credential is an attestation of qualification, competency, and authority issued to an individual by a third party with relevant or defact authority or assumed competence to do so. Credentials certify the completion of a specific training or educational program including successful completion of exams and tests and a learners ability to perform according to a specific body of knowledge.


Price University provides credentials to recognize a students readiness to perform competently in a ministerial service based on that student's comprehension, application, and mastery of a certain body of knowledge and customary duties associated with this field of study. Price University’s ultimate aim is to bring credibility and validity to its professional and ministerial services and their providers.


What does credentialing prove? It proves a candidate is a trustworthy practitioner who willingly and thoroughly educated him or her self in a specific discipline prior to the performance of it. Credentialing also proves the student has the knowledge, the confidence, and diligence necessary to be excellent in their chosen craft.

Practical Ministry Certificate Requirement


If you are applying to be a part of the Ministers Credentialing Program, your program begins at the Practical Ministry Certificate level, a minimum 12-course requirement. To view that certificate program, please click the button above.

How to Apply:

Use the "Apply Online" button above to start your online application. To view the application and admissions checklist, click here

Understanding the Program Length


The entire MCP Program can take from 36-48 months to complete.  Your journey is split up into different "tracks" or phases. Your Practical Ministry Certificate can be completed in about 15 months, depending on how you stack your courses. Your MCP portion + ordination or licensing can take anywhere between 18 to 36 months. You will meet with a Student Advisor once admitted into the program to help organize your class schedule and make sure that you maximize your training time. 

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