University Continuing Education

Short, study-at-home based courses for the working adult looking to maintain or enhance their knowledge base.

What You Need, Where You Are. 

Self-Study Continuing Education Classes at Price U

Price University offers Continuing Education curriculum for working adult students looking to enhance their knowledge, explore a new subject or sphere or simply stay sharp in their current skill set.  

Our self-study model allows the student to learn basic but quality-rich subjects from the comfort of their own home and at a pace that is steady and easy to keep up with.

Students can qualify to receive a certificate of completion following the end of each course.  Our continuing education courses are also a great way to get a taste of the courses and curricula here at Price University.


Prayer and Intercession

Strategic, Governmental Prayer I

Strategic, Governmental Prayer II


Intro to Real Estate (Overview)

Entrepreneurial Leadership (Overview)

Networking Success (Overview)


Prophetic Guardianship I

Prophetic Guardianship II

Exploring Prophecy and the Prophetic

Prophetic Worship

Prophecy Timeline


Spheres of Apostleship

Hard Reset

NEAR Kingdom Leadership

Soul of Success

Time to Control Your Mind

Parental Curses

Soul of Success Business

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