Practical Ministry Program 

From Servant to Minister 

Our Practical Ministry Studies Program is a ministry foundations and orientation program designed to provide students with a summary knowledge of kingdom office essentials necessary for competent service as a minister.

The purpose of the program is to prepare students spiritually, ministerially and academically to undertake the ever-changing demands of 21st ministry service. The goal is to sharpen core competencies, and kingdom ministry proficiencies needed for skillful execution of standard ministry service.

About The Program

Credentials: Practical Ministry offers a certified Ministry Diploma upon completion of the program to qualified students.  This includes eligibility for licensure or ordination. (See Ministry Credentialing Program for details)


Provisional Acceptance: Students can enroll into the Practical Ministry Program with a minimum of a high school diploma or higher.


Program Qualifications:

  • Students received a readiness score of 50% or higher for their Ministry Readiness Quotient on the Ministry Assessment Questionnaire.

  • Students Bible Knowledge Survey scores are 60% or higher.

  • Students overall entrance screening scores are 50% or above


Program Length: The Practical Ministry Program length can vary according to the students course schedule. It is designed to be a minimum of 12 months and maximum of 48 months. It’s flexible pace allows students to complete their education while still pursuing their professional goals.  

24 Classes
80% or higher to pass
4-week course rotation

Program Objectives

  • Provide a synoptic overview of Christian ministry practices, perspectives, and attitudes needed to occupy a ministry position.

  • Provide a general understanding of apostolic and prophetic foundations as scriptures organic root.

  • Shift student's consciousness from traditional evangelicalism only to include apostleship as the bible's organic foundation.

  • Reinforce new creation essentials such as salvation and redemption and principles of the Holy Spirit.

  • Differentiate between religion versus redemption and culture versus Christianity.

  • Migrate the student's learning path from standard gift expression to position effectiveness

  • Advance student from private devotional service to public office

  • Help students understand God as both savior and sovereign

  • Introduce the fundaments of five-fold leadership and kingdom government

  • Review standard ministry requisites such as spiritual gifts, prophecy, priestly service and more.

Questions, Further Assistance, Consultation:

For questions or assistance regarding applying online, accessing courses, registration and payment or want to schedule a consultation with their Student Education Manager, they call the University at 877-419-1299 to directed to the right department.

Session Topics:

  • Intro to Apostolic Christian

  • Scripture Organics

  • 14 Events Continuum

  • Salvation and Redemption Part 1

  • Salvation and Redemption Part 2

  • What the Bible is All About

  • Adventures in Prayer

  • Prophecy Basics

  • Priestly Service

  • Culture & Christianity

  • Meeting the Holy Spirit Part 1

  • Meeting the Holy Spirit Part 2

  • Spiritual Gifts

  • Christian Ministry

  • King and Kingdom

  • Gift versus Office

  • Private Devotion/Public Ministry

  • Basics of Apostleship

  • Five-Fold Overview

  • Divine Order Overview

  • Christian Leadership

  • Ministry Credentialing

  • Practicum

Session Grades & Criteria: Students will receive a final grade at the end of each session. Grades will be based on students performance, participation, and proficiency. Sessions grades will be determined using a point system for each activity required in the program.


Program Activities:

  • Four to Eight Lectures per month

  • Four to Eight Reading Assignments

  • Four Tests (1 per week minimum)

  • 1 Mid-Month Competency Assignment

  • 1 End of Month Competency Assignment Weekly Discussion Activities


Texts and Resources:  Determined by each class session.

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